Little Boy Brought to Tears When He is Greeted By His Missing Dog

little boy and lost dog

There is nothing as heartbreaking for a small child as the loss of someone they love so much. For one little boy, it was his dog. His dog, Bruce Wayne, went missing almost two years ago. It was so close to two years ago that it was actually one year and 10 months. The dog was missing that entire time. We don’t know how this sweet dog went missing, what happened in that time or what life was like for the dog or his family as they mourned his loss. However, we do know that the family never stopped looking for the dog, especially since their little boy loves him so much. He missed his dog every single day. There was not a day that went by that this dog was not missed or that his family did not check with local shelters and hospitals for this animal.

Imagine this little boy’s surprise when he came home from school one day and was immediately greeted with a video camera in his face. He was confused at first, especially when a dog that looked so much like Bruce Wayne ran up to him. We think he might have thought his family just got a new dog that looked a lot like his missing dog. As he quickly realizes that this dog is actually his missing dog, the little boy is so excited that he begins to cry a little. His family captured this heartwarming moment on camera for us all to see, and we could not be any happier that this dog is back to his home.   

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