Why The Long Haired Chihuahua is A Very Popular and Common Breed


When it comes to small dogs, the one that takes home the crown has to be the Long Haired Chihuahua.  These often very vocal animals are hands down one of the most beloved dog breeds. First bred in Mexico around the year 1850, these dogs have been around for quite some time.  For many years these dogs have warmed the hearts of people all over the breeding world.  That’s probably why you now can find so many different people breeding these animals.  Everywhere you look there are ads for Long Haired Chihuahua puppies for sale.  While not a passive dog, these canines are very loyal to their owners and often take to one person.  Let’s take a look at why so many people bring these feisty pooches home.

What Do People See In This Tiny Little Dog?

Everyone has probably known someone that has owned one of these dogs before.  When you knock on the door these dogs will often come charging up like they are a furious attack dog.  With their unique bark, often showing their teeth, these dogs put on an act that is nothing less than impressive.  But under all this aggression is a sweet and loving animal that would do anything to protect their owner.  This is probably why you see so many of these dogs in a one person household.  They make great companion animals and they will definitely let you know someone is at the door.  Other than being a great friend, they are also very beautiful animals. Their long flowing hair that comes in many different shades gives them a very elegant look.

Be Aware These Dogs Can Bite and It Might Be More Serious Than You Think

We have learned already that these dogs can be very aggressive if they feel threatened.  So if you ever come across one at your neighbor’s house, you might want to get to know the dog first before you try to pet it.  While many people probably think their bite is harmless, they are wrong, because these dogs’ bite can really do some damage. Not recommended around small children, these dogs can attack very quickly causing a lot of pain.  So make sure that if you plan to bring one of these dogs home to be aware of their small but serious bite. Remember to always socialize any dog you bring into your home with the rest of the people and animals that live there.

Image via catalat at Flickr.com

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