The Long Haired German Shepherd: A Noble and Hard Working Service Dog Breed

Vetese Long Haired German Shepherds

One of the most steadfast and noble animals is the Long Haired German Shepherd.  Trusted for many years to protect president and royalty alike, these working dogs are some of the finest protection animals around.  Just like its short haired counterpart, this large dog is extremely intelligent. First breed as a sheep dog, these animals helped ranchers keep their animals safe from predators.  Now the dog is used for a wide range of jobs including bomb detection, rescue and recovery, as well as companion animals for those with disabilities.  These multifunctional animals are really impressive and their dedication to the jobs they are assigned to is simply amazing. Full of energy, you won’t find many of these dogs sleeping on the job.

The Long Haired German Shepherd Is a Very Fast Learner

When it comes time to train one of these dogs you will find that they learn very quickly.  Unlike some dog breeds that have to be worked with extensively, these dogs often learn their commands the first time around.  This is one of the key reason you see so many of them in service rolls.  If they start their basic training at a young age, these dogs can take more advanced training which will allow them to perform a large range of jobs.  Many government agencies around the world use these dogs.  In fact, some of these canines are full-pledged police officers with full honors. Military service is also something these animals excel at.  Used during wartime, these dogs help sniff out bombs and locate landmines.  These invaluable services help keep our military members safe and out of harm’s way.

These Dogs Make Great Service Animals But Do They Make Good Family Pets?

While it is true these dogs make great service animals, they can also make great pets.  If properly socialized at a young age, these dogs will fit right in with the rest of the family.  Even if you have small children in the family these dogs will do great around them.  But with any animal, you should always supervise them when they are around kids.  While they make great family pets, the roll of security guard is an added plus when you have one of these dogs living in your home.  Criminals will think twice before breaking into a home when there is one of these dogs standing watch.  So if you are looking for a very loyal and loving pet that can protect you and your family, why not adopt one of these amazing dogs?

Photo via Pedigreedatabase.com

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