What to Look For When Choosing Rottweiler Breeders


There are quite a few different dogs that you can purchase for home protection.  These intelligent and powerful animals are a great deterrent to people looking to take advantage of you and your family by breaking into your home.

But one breed stands out from the rest.  The Rottweiler is one of the most highly sought after protection dogs in the world.  These canines have been protecting homes around the world for many centuries.  But due to poor breeding methods, some of these dogs can be aggressive.  So finding the right Rottweiler Breeders is a must.

While there are many high quality dogs on the market today, a few Rottweiler Breeders are in the industry for sheer profit alone.  This is where things can get ugly.  If you purchase your new dog from someone that doesn’t have the passion for these very large dogs, you might end up with an aggressive dog.

Often called puppy mills, these breeders will try to raise as many puppies as possible in very confined areas.  This can lead to poor health and poor behavior in animals which can have serious complications.  While these dogs are not aggressive in nature they will become scared and shy.  This fear that these dogs have at a very young age can make them harm other animals and even humans.

So if you are considering owning this large dog, make sure to always tour the facility in which your new animal will come from.  Good breeders will always welcome you to come by and see the parent dogs and where they are being raised.  Many of them will only have a few dogs around and often they will be house in their very own home.

If you find that your new pet has been raised inside of a private residence, you are in luck.  This practice will ensure that your new pup has been properly socialized around people and other animals.  This will give your puppy a great start in life and they will often have very gentle nature.

If you follow the above advice you will have a heads up on what you should be looking out for.  So make sure to do your homework and investigate anyone that you are thinking of purchasing an animal from.  Remember if they get offended that you want to tour their facility, then you should stay far away from them and find another breeder.

Image via Roel Wijanats at Flickr.com

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