What To Look When Choosing Saint Bernard Breeders

Saint bernard

Many of you out there are looking to purchase a large dog breed this year.  One of the most common of all mammoth breeds is the beautiful Saint Bernard.  These dogs are both noble and loyal, with a passion for life.  But finding the right Saint Bernard Breeders can be tricky. These dogs are very large, so getting one from a responsible breeder is a wise choice.  Because they are so large, even the slightest bit of aggression can be a serious issue.  But with the right early socialization skills these dogs grow up to be the perfect family pet.

There are a few things that you are going to need to look for in a Saint Bernard Breeder.  The first thing that is always a good sign is that they raise their puppies inside of their home.  This gives the puppies a chance to socialize with other members of the family, at a very young age.  Many of these homes will also have children and other smaller animals, which is great because your new puppy will already be on the right social track.

The second thing you are going to look for is how many of these dogs are being raised.  These are large animals and typically only one mating pair can be handled at a time.  Someone breeding 5 or 6 mating pairs might not have the animal’s best interest at heart.  So try to stick to someone who doesn’t have cages upon cages full of dogs.  Many times these types of operations are considered puppy mills and disease will run rampant in these types of close quarter situations.

The third thing that is probably a good idea to check up on is their history.  While many new people are getting into the puppy breeding business every year, some are less skilled than others. You want to get your new pet from someone that has vast knowledge about the breed and can tell you all about them without having to look it up on Google.  This knowledge only comes with years of experience.  So make sure that your new pup comes from a well-educated person.

Image via 3D Photographers at Flickr.com

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