Lost Labrador Rescued from River Reunited with Family


A lucky family from Utah was reunited with their lost Labrador after it went missing since this past Saturday. Over the weekend, Larae Beck and the rest of her family got a big fright after their two dogs went on a walk  and only one of them returned Sunday morning. It’s pretty common for two dogs to wander off their massive piece of property, but when only one came back the following day, they knew something had to have happened.

Meanwhile, down the road four miles away from the Beck home, their Lab Libby ended up getting found in high water in Farmington Canyon, Utah Saturday night. Luckily a family that had been hiking in the area when they discovered a a dog crying in the river.

“One of the dogs it looked like had fallen down from the rocks and was partially submerged on the edge of the river,” said Sgt. Jason Sorensen, who is with Davis County Sheriff’s Office.

It was extremely cold conditions where the dog was stuck and she was shivering from the cold. Rescue crews were called to help out and luckily they were able to bring the terrified dog to safety. The poor pup was brought to the David County Animal Shelter in hopes that the dog’s owners would finally come around to look for her.

“We had called Sunday — we called the sheriff’s department and they told us about her. And then we couldn’t come get her yesterday because it was Memorial Day,” Beck explained.

Animal Control exposed that the dog was not micro-chipped, but had she been, they would have been able to have gotten her home sooner.

Photo Source: Fox 13

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