Lost Service Dog is Reunited With Owner


There’s nothing quite like reuniting with a lost pet – and what an emotional event that can be! A paralyzed San Francisco man got to know that feeling very well after reuniting with his lost service dog, whom he calls “Love.” The canine went missing the day before on an outing to the San Leandro Marina.

Arthr Renowitzsky got his happy ending after he was with his beloved Love once again. Love is a therapy service dog who has brought Renowitzsky joy and peace of mind ever since the Bay Area resident was shot, robbed and thus paralyzed about seven years ago at the young age of 20 years old. The sweet dog has been his emotional strength ever since.

“She’s been with me throughout everything. She goes to all speeches and to hospital to visit patients with spinal cord injuries … She cheers up patients,” Renowitzky said. “She means the world to me… I really need to get her back.”

Someone had snatched up the toy poodle as Renowitzsky was getting out of his car at Marina Park in San Leandro, causing a frantic 24-hour search ordeal that involved Twitter, news coverage and even a Hollywood star (NCIS star Pauley Perrette), who offered up a $5,000 reward in hopes of finding the missing pet.

Oakland resident Daymond Dixon, a disabled garbage truck driver, had purchased the dog for $375 at a Walmart Wednesday evening – the dog was supposed to be a gift for his aunt, who had just lost her dog after it was hit by a car. While it was hard for Dixon’s aunt Ettie Carter to say goodbye to yet another dog, he made the right decision and turned the dog in to its rightful owner. Upon returning Love, Dixon turned down the reward money as well as Renowitzsky’s offer to reimburse him the $375 the man lost when buying the dog.

Photo Source: KTVU.COM

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