We Love Seeing Dogs Play Catch With Themselves

Dogs do a great many things to impress us, make us smile, and make us laugh. Even if they are not doing it on purpose, sometimes a dog does something that just blows your mind. For me, working on this site, I have seen it all. But there is one thing dogs do that cracks me up more than anything else. Nothing can get me quite like a dog playing catch with itself can.

The wisest of wise men who have ever existed have pointed out how important it is to learn to love spending time with ones self. Once you are good with your own company, life gets a lot easier. When I see dogs do this, play catch with themselves, that is what it shows me. It shows me that dogs figure out pretty quickly that they can do way more than they think they can. It also shows us that dogs may need us, but not as much as we pretend they do. You realize while marveling at something like that, it really is us who needs them in our lives. They remind us how pure and joyful life can be when we lose sight of that.

But seriously, is there anything funnier than a dog who learns to play catch with itself? Also, some people see it as sad. Nah, if you click that link and watch those videos it is clear there is a loving human or two around. The dogs just figure out )on their own and with the help of gravity) how to play their favorite game without our help.

I find it not only funny, but quite brilliant. I prefer playing X Box alone, too, so I get it.

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

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