Loving Dog Stays By Owner’s Side for Three Days Following His Death


Meet Bear. Bear is twelve, which makes her a senior dog by any point of view. She’s been living with her owner, James Ringle, most of her life. She loves him and the two of them were the best of friends living out their senior years together in a home filled with love and happiness. Sadly, James passed away recently leaving Bear all by herself. She was distraught, but she is loyal. What that meant is that for three days she stayed by his side following his death.

She didn’t go out, she didn’t eat and she didn’t drink. As far as anyone can tell, she stayed right there next to his body until his nephew came over for a visit and found them. Bear was taken to BARCS, a local animal shelter, when her owner’s body was discovered. At first, no one really wanted to bother with a quiet dog so late in her own life. That’s when the shelter decided to post Bear’s story to their Facebook page, and her story went viral.

It didn’t take long before people were inquiring about this dog left and right and suddenly no longer interested in the puppies and smaller dogs in the shelter. When Chelsea and her fiancé, Alex, decided to submit an adoption application, they were chosen to be Bear’s new parents and now she has a small puppy friend to live with as well as two loving parents. It is a very happy ending all the way around for this sweet dog and her loyalty.

Photo by Facebook

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