Loyal Dog Waits Eight Days Outside Hospital for Owner

Japan Struggles To Deal With Nuclear Crisis And Tsunami Aftermath

The bond between a man and a loyal dog cannot be explained. There is just something deeper than time itself when it comes to this bond. A loyal dog will love its owner, and do anything in the world for them. Much like we would do anything in the world for our dogs. But this story is one of those stories that just shows you the love and loyalty you get from a dog is the kind of love and loyalty you will not get anywhere else.

So the long story short is a man in Brazil got hurt. It was rather serious, and ended up requiring him to stay in the hospital for eight days. Now I want you to take a guess who stood outside that hospital for all eight days? Was it his wife? Was it his family? Did a group of supporters show up and stand outside, chanting for him for eight days? No, his loyal dog did.

The staff quickly took note of this and were taking care of the dog and the owner. Bringing the dog water and food and some company while it waited outside for its owner to get better. On the seventh day, even though they weren’t supposed to, they let the dog in to see him. Of course it is all caught on tape, thankfully.

Now that, my friends, is love or the purest and most loyal kind.

(Photo by Paula Bronstein /Getty Images)

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