Luke and His Dog Jedi Fight Together Against Diabetes


Diabetes has become a major problem, not just for people now, but for animals as well (as in cats and dogs). The world we live in is very rushed, and the stuff we put into our bodies can be very sensitive to that now. In some cases, it is all about genes, and some people just inherit it. But like with anything, even a problem like diabetes can better if you have someone to go through it with. This is the story of Luke and his dog Jedi who helps him with his fight against Diabetes, while informing the world.

Luke was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just two years old. His dog, Jedi, is a diabetic alert dog who stays by his side and keeps his days bright (while being ready to warn the family if need be). They were just a boy and his dog until a Facebook page was started . Suddenly, more people were becoming aware of Luke and his battle, and also becoming aware of his awesome dog Jedi, always by his side (like Chewie and Han!). The best part is, because Jedi is a special dog with  specific purpose, he gets to be there with Luke anytime he gets a shot or needs to get blood work done, so he is not scared or alone.

On top of that, judging from their many social media fans, they are spreading knowledge about this disease. That is something that will help Luke and many others like him down the road. Heck, even Bret Michaels got involved at one point.

Image Via Facebook

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