How To Make Your Dog Stop Chasing The Cat

CA:  African Lion Cub Gets Befriended With Dog Puppy

So you have a dog that seems to have a really affinity towards chasing the pet cat you also have. It is not like the dog really wants to turn the cat into a tasty treat, because it could have done that a long time ago. But how do you make your dog stop chasing the cat? It is a simple question that has plagued mankind since its inception. The answers run deep, though.

First off, this might be on you. Did you do your proper research before buying a breed you were bringing into a home that already had a cat? Some breeds have a much stronger prey drive than others. You may have been inadvertently setting up a disaster. Though there are various methods you can use and try, there is something that is pretty simple. Exhaust your dog with exercise. 99% of dogs chasing cats at the home results in the dog wanting to play or get out some energy. The dog does not take into account how mentally scarring this can be for the cat.

Also, it is very important that you make sure you redirect the behavior as soon s it starts. It is basic training, but needs to be enforced for this to stop. Some people just have separate areas in their houses for separate animals, but we suggest a union. You just may need to put some time and effort into it. You may not be able to make the dog stop chasing the cat forever, but baby steps can help.

(Photo by Ken Bohn/Zoological Society of San Diego via Getty Images)

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