Make Every Work Day Pawtastic with Dogs

When you’re a dog lover like me, being able to bring your dog to work provides benefits on so many levels – you know how they are doing all day, you can take them outside as needed, and when your day isn’t going as planned, they are right by your side. For some, taking our pups to work every day is the norm!  Susan, host of the weekly radio program, The Doggy Diva Show, knows just how special a daily dose of dog at the office is. In fact, the benefits may surprise you. If you would like your workplace to adopt a dog-friendly stance, share these three ways dogs bring benefits to the boardroom:

Benefit #1: You’ll stress less and smile more

It’s been proven by pet visitation programs at hospitals and senior centers that dogs have an almost magical ability to calm their human counterparts down, reduce their stress and make them smile. It’s the same in the workplace!

A 2012 Virginia Commonwealth University study showed that having dogs at work can reduce the build-up of the stress hormone cortisol throughout the workday. Another study at the University of Missouri College Of Veterinary Medicine shows sharing the day with dogs can increase employees’ level of the hormone oxytocin, which helps us feel happy.

Benefit #2: You’ll become more efficient

Stress and anxiety are enemies of productivity. Playing and being near a dog reduces stress by up to a third. This in turns makes folks more trusting, more able to cooperate and work together. So, it’s no accident that workplaces with dogs are more productive.

Benefit #3: You’ll boost creativity

When work has you stumped, a quick walk or a game of tug with your dog will clear your mind. Just wait for those ideas to start flowing! Who knew having a four-legged friend in the office could help to boost creativity? We did!

Dogs have an innate ability to bring people together. Co-workers are more likely to bond with each other when there is a dog nearby to act as a catalyst. Of course, you will need to check on any dog allergies office mates might have, set rules to be followed, and allow some time to let furry friends settle in to a routine at work in order to be successful.  With a little time and creativity, you can enjoy these benefits every day at work while giving our pups the gift of all-day companionship!

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