So What Makes the Maltese Cross So Special?


One of the most beautiful of all Maltese Cross breeds is the Morkie.  This hybrid dog is a cross between and Maltese and a Yorkie which gives you a really amazing looking animal.  While the Morkie cannot be considered a standard breed, there are several breed associations that recognize them.  The American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club and the Designer Breed Registry recognize this amazing animal.  While there are hopes among breeders that this dog might get nationally recognized as a standard breed, it’s unlikely that this will occur.

These dogs are simply amazing to look at and this is probably the number one reason why many people want to own one.  But besides their looks, their personality is one of the best of all canines.  Very sweet and gentle animals, these dogs will show you lots of affection.  A very loyal dog, they tend to stick to one person, and if their owner leaves for work they will often wait nervously by the door until they get home.  If you are planning on owning one of these dogs you have to make sure to give them lots of attention or they will feel starved for affection.  Often acting out by destroying things around the home, these dogs require a lot of one on one time. But if you are looking for a dog that will pose as your best friend you couldn’t ask for a better one than the Morkie.

When properly socialized at a young age these dogs will learn to get along with just about everyone they meet.  While they can be a one person dog these animals do well in homes with multiple pets.  These dogs also love children and will play with them for hours on end.  But just like any dog that you bring into your home, it’s a wise decision to slowly allow them to be near younger kids.  Sometimes toddlers can be very rough with small animals and this will certainly cause these dogs to bite.  While older dogs are a pleasure to own, if you have kids it’s probably best to bring a puppy into the home.  This will allow your new dog to grow up around the child and learn that they are part of the family as well.  With the proper precautions, the Morkie will make the perfect family pet.

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