The Maltese Chihuahua: The Perfect Mix of Sweetness and Spunk


When it comes to hybrid dog mixes the Maltese Chihuahua or “Malchi” is one of the most well rounded animals.  By combining these two dog breeds you really do get the best of both worlds.  When it comes to temperament these dogs possess the spunk and adventuress of the Chihuahua and the sweetness of the Maltese.  This is a great blend of character traits because it often makes the dog calmer than that of either parent. Really good lap dogs these pooches love to next to their owners whenever they can. The Malchi is also considered a very loyal animal and will stand by their owner in just about any situation.

So What Should You Expect As Your Malchi Grows Up?

By nature these are going to be very tiny animals.  In fact, you can consider the Malchi a toy dog and they won’t reach more than 13 pounds.  Many of these dogs will weigh even less than that at around 8 pounds.  They almost always have a small rounded head and a very short muzzle giving them that signature adorable look.  This is probably one of the characteristics that so many love about this canine.  When it comes to coat length and color, the offspring can take after either parent.  Some of these dogs will have long hair while others will have a shorter coat.  Coat color is also variable and depends on which parent the puppies take after.  But black, white, and cream colors are common in these dogs.

Should These Animals Be Allowed Around Small Children?

When it comes to children these dogs normally do really well around them.  But younger children such as toddler should be closely watched around the Malchi.  There have been reported incidents of these dogs biting smaller children out of fear.  Small children sometimes try to play ruff with these tiny dogs and their temperament might get the better of them.  With proper supervision, these dogs can make the perfect family pet and will love being around everyone in the household.

Do They Have Health Issue That You Should Be Concerned About?

While all dogs may experience health issue in the course of their lives, these dogs are generally healthy.  These dogs with proper care can live up to 15 years without any problems.  Eye problems and stomach issues are generally the only reported issues with these dogs, so you might want to watch for these.  Overall, this dog is very sturdy and a yearly Vet checkup is probably all you will need to keep this animal fit.

Image via mavra_chang at Flickr.com

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