Why The Maltese Poodle Makes the Perfect Family Pet

Maltese Poodle

One of the most highly sought after hybrid dog breeds is the Maltese Poodle or Maltipoo.  These dogs are small to medium in size and one of the most beautiful of all designer dogs.  Prized for their non-sheading qualities, these dogs are often purchase by those who are allergic to other dog breeds.  Many designer breeders around the country are trying to prefect this interesting dog mix.  The Maltese Poodle looks more like the long haired Maltese parent and often takes on their color coat as well. Let’s learn a little more about these popular dogs, shall we?

These dogs like many smaller dogs tend to live for a very long time.  This longevity is one reason people love this animal.  The average life span on these dogs is 13 years but many have lived far longer than that.  So if you are looking for a sturdy dog that will bring years of enjoyment to your family, this is the pet for you. They also come from a more diverse genetic pool and won’t fall prey to many of the genetics health problems some dogs face. A yearly trip to the Vet is probably all you are going to have to do to keep these animals healthy for life. But remember you are going to have to be responsible for this dog for a very long time so make sure you are in it for the long haul.

While you are still going to have to take these dogs to the groomers and to the Vet from time to time, they are low maintenance.  You really couldn’t ask for an easier dog to take care of.  This is what makes these dogs so great for the elderly.  They will provide companionship without the hassle as some larger breeds can cause. When it comes to these dogs, a little love goes a long way and they are very happy little dogs. They do need to be walked but they won’t get upset if you miss a few days.  They are also very calm dogs and if properly trained they can learn to go to the bathroom on a puppy pad.  This is a big plus for those who live high up in an apartment building.  They also learn to be house broken very easily and can learn basic commands at a very young age.

Image via Beadmobile at Flickr.com

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