Man Attempts to Kick a Dog but Lands on His Face Instead

Man falls on face

When it comes to karma, nothing could be more funny than watching a guy fall down because he was trying to do something mean.  While I would never wish harm on anyone, the guy in this next video really got what was coming to him.

The surveillance video which is located below this article starts out very normal.  You see a few people walking around in what appears to be a street café and has a small crowd around.  One of these people, who you will later find out is the owner of the café, is about to do something very unfriendly to a white dog that is walking around the street.

As the video quickly progresses, you will see a dog enter the frame and what happens next is very shocking.  As the dog walks around and gets near the café owner, the man suddenly attempts to kick the poor canine.  While the man was very fast, the dog will prove to be much quicker as you will see.

But this backfires on the owner and he ends up falling to the group and missing the animal completely.  This almost act of animal cruelty was caught on camera and now the world is seeing this funny but very serious video.  I wonder if the owner of the shop feels bad for trying to kick the dog.

While the dog might have been trying to steal food from the vendor, it gives the man no right to attack the dog.  As you will see in the video the man ends up flat on his face and only his friend has come to help him up.  This shocking video has now gone viral and people around the world are outraged over the man’s actions. I wonder if this has affected his business negatively.

So if you are an animal lover, make sure to check out the video below.  While there is no word if the man was injured, at least we know that the dog got away safe and sound. So don’t forget to check out this insane video before you leave.

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