Man Gives Away 9 Puppies and Their Mother


Some people do not need to have pets. Nana’s previous owner, for example, is the kind of person who clearly does not need animals of his or her own. Nana spent most of her four years living on a chain in a dirty yard filled with dirt and mud and clay. She gave birth several times but it was not until she gave birth to her third litter that her life changed dramatically. She gave birth to nine puppies, and all of them survived. That’s when her own posted a photo to Facebook of the dog and the puppies in the mud, wet and dirty and not being cared for. The owner was giving the puppies away – and their mother – free of charge. Neighbors were upset that this dog owner was just giving away puppies and their mother to anyone who would stop by, so they called the Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary in North Carolina to see what type of help was available.

Thankfully, the puppies and their mother were taken in and are being ca red for in a much more appropriate manner. Now that the puppies are bigger and ready for homes of their own, they are being adopted out to loving families who are required to pass adoption tests and information, and they will be given to loving families who will not stick them on a chain in their backyard and give them away when the dogs are too much to handle. We are so happy that someone stepped up to the plate in this particular situation, and we are thrilled that there are still good people in the world.

Photo by Facebook  

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