Man Loses Hands and Feet After Dog-related Infection

48-year-old Greg Manteufel has always been fond of animals, especially dogs. For a number of years, he’s owned various dogs and he’s always had a close relationship with nearly all of them. However, several months ago he had been playing with one of his dogs and then started to notice that he didn’t feel as good as he usually does. He also started having some very odd symptoms, not the least of which involved his entire body changing colors, starting at his head and working its way all the way down to his feet.

He admits that he was somewhat alarmed when he first noticed that his face was turning red, then blue but he didn’t get truly alarmed until he could look in the mirror and see that color transforming his entire body. At that point, he decided that it was time to visit the hospital, thinking that he had some type of flu bug or something similar. Nevertheless, he made the decision that it was time to go get things checked out and it’s good that he did. As it turns out, he didn’t have the flu at all, but he did have a potentially dangerous bacteria running through his body, something that most people would probably never even think about.

At first, doctors were having a difficult time determining exactly what he was suffering from. They ran several different tests, most of which came out negative. Finally, one of the physicians there made the decision to check his saliva for certain bacteria. When they did, they found that there was a bacteria present in his body that’s commonly found in dogs. Somehow, this bacteria had invaded his body and it was quickly taking hold, doing significant damage to virtually every part of his body.

Surprisingly, it was ultimately found that the bacteria came from the dog’s saliva. That’s right, all of this was happening simply because he allowed his dog to give him kisses. Doctors think that he either had a small cut somewhere that he didn’t have covered or that he allowed the dog to lick his face, which inadvertently gave the bacteria an opportunity to enter his body through his own saliva or mucous membranes. Regardless of exactly how it happened, he was now dealing with a disease that was potentially life-threatening.

The bacteria wreaked havoc on his body, and sadly, he eventually lost his hands and feet as a direct result of it. Basically, the bacteria alters the blood supply to the body and in some cases, can cause so much damage that it’s impossible to maintain circulation to the extremities. Because of the damage caused by the bacteria, it was ultimately determined that the only way to save his life would be to amputate his hands and feet. He also lost a significant portion of his nose, thanks to the same necrotizing bacteria that was found elsewhere in his body.

You’ve probably heard of people on the news that have this type of bacteria or something similar. It usually causes their extremities to turn black, eliminating the healthy blood supply and damaging the tissue to the point that those extremities simply can’t be saved. More often than not, it’s referred to as flesh-eating bacteria, because that’s essentially what it does. It attacks certain areas of the body and begins to eat away at the flesh, causing damage that goes all the way down to the bone. More often than not, it attacks the extremities and other areas such as the cartilage of the nose.

Make no mistake about it, this is a disease that is fatal if left untreated. However, even aggressive medical treatment isn’t always capable of stopping it in its tracks before it does irreparable damage. This man admits that he never expected to suffer from such a disease, especially not from doing something that he considered to be as innocent as being licked by a dog.

Today, he’s much more cognizant of the potential dangers that are involved with allowing animals to get too close. He doesn’t allow his dogs to lick him anymore, and he’s also much more careful about the way he handles their food, making sure that he doesn’t put himself at potential risk for getting any other type of bacteria in the future. He wants his ordeal to serve as a warning to other individuals that might be unaware of the potential dangers involved with this type of bacteria.

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