Man Prays for Lost Dog’s Return and Then a Miracle Happens

Freda the boxer

The power of prayer might not be something that everyone believes in, but it’s something that I’ve seen work time and time again in my own life. Faith is very important to me, as well as prayer. For this man, prayer worked miracles in his life. This man has a dog, and he loves his dog. Unfortunately, things happen in life and circumstances cause things to go awry. When Rod’s beloved Boxer, Freda, went missing in Florida this past April, he began to pray for her safe return. He continually prayed, throughout the rest of the coming months until a woman nearly 200 miles away called to say that she had found his dog – in October.

Rod worked tirelessly for six months to find his dog. He made posters to hang in his Florida community, he called vets and shelters everywhere, and he prayed for his dog each night. He held onto Freda’s leash every night as he lay in bed saying his prayers, and that’s when he finally received a call. It was from a woman 197 miles away from Rod’s home. She found a boxer, and she made the decision to take it to a vet so that it could be checked out. The vet scanned the rescued dog’s body for a microchip and sure enough, there was one. Rod was speechless.

He knew that every day his chances of ever seeing Freda again dwindled. So many things could have happened to his beloved Boxer. One thing he never suspected, however, is that she would manage to travel nearly 200 miles only to be found and returned to him, safe and not really any worse for the wear. She has a lot of stories that we will never know about, but one can only speculate as to where she’s been and what she’s been up to the past six months.

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