Man Risks Life To Save Pup From Fire


You guys know these stories hit like a ton of bricks. Stories of humans who put themselves in harm’s way to try and save a dog. We know it happens all the time, and we wish these people would get medals for these acts. Note to self, we should start naming monthly winners to the stories that most move us. Today’s story is about a man who selflessly burned himself by saving a burning dog’s life. Powerful stuff, for sure.

The long and short is that a woman was putting some tick spray on her dog, and at the same time, tried to light one of the ticks on fire (we will not talk about how we feel about this woman right now, because her husband’s bravery made up for her stupidity) and the dog got startled by the flame and jumped towards it, catching fire. I know, it is very upsetting. But as she began screaming in terror, he husband ran out and grabbed the dog while it was still on fire, resulting in second degree burns to his chest and body.

He acted very quickly, and while holding the dog he jumped into their nearby pool, putting the flames out instantly. Not only did he save the dog with brilliantly quick thinking, but he also put himself in danger and ended up being hurt in order to save the dog’s life. But guess what? He did just that. He saved the dog’s life, and burns or or not, he has no regrets about it.
He may have to sit down and have a talk with that wife of his, though.

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