Man Saved His Dog From WHAT?


The reality is with dogs is, depending on where you live, dangers present themselves in various forms. Take, for example, the Chicago man who risked his own life to save his dog from the might jaws of a snarling coyote. That is the true testimony to a dog lover. The person who runs in when all the rest of the world gets scared and runs out. That is just what this man did, and just what makes him a hero in our eyes.

It was a cold and snowy day and Chicago when Bob opened up his garage door to bring out some trash. As he was turned around, grabbing the bags, he heard a distinct noise. A growl. But this growl was not coming from his dog, Bailey. As Bob slowly turned to see what it was, the source of the growling as already running at Bailey. It was a coyote, and Bob acted quick, but not quick enough. The dog began to attack each other, and Bob’s next reaction is what saved Bailey’s life.

Without thinking, Bob picked the coyote up and threw him a good fifteen feet away into a snowbank that was across the street. Man, he himself could have been mauled, but he thought little about that. Just wanted to ensure his dog Baily was safe.

The crazy part is, when the coyote got out of the snow bank it came right back at them, and that is when Bob screamed and flailed and waved his arms, scaring the coyote off into the woods for good. Seriously, people. Now THAT is a dog lover. Someone who would risk life and limb just to make sure their dogs are okay.
To Bob and Bailey, we are honored to tell you story, and we are super glad it has a happy ending.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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