Meet Piggy, the Funniest Blue French Bulldog Ever!

blue french

When humans look into a mirror we immediately recognize that the figure we are gazing at is our own reflection, and tend to think nothing of the image staring back at us. This seemingly miniscule act of looking at yourself may seem like no big deal, but psychologists categorize it as a major mental achievement because it requires self-awareness, which is one of the most sophisticated characteristics of consciousness. We are not born to recognize ourselves in the mirror, and you will notice that when babies are infants, they view their reflections as another baby instead of themselves. Likewise, dogs do not have the mental capabilities to recognize self-awareness, and instead use their sense of smell for self-recognition and familiarity. This explains why young puppies catching a glimpse of themselves in a mirror for the first time may treat the image as if it is another dog. They may bark at the reflection, or get excited and want to play as if they are encountering a real dog and engaging in a social interaction, but after a short while they lose interest.

This however, is not the case for Piggy, a Blue French Bulldog who is mesmerized after seeing a dog that looks extraordinarily just like him in the shiny window. Known for their playful and social personalities, it is no surprise that this French Bulldog is so thrilled to see a playmate. At first, Piggy begins biting and pawing at his reflection, but as the tension builds, so does his interest and curiosity. Only stopped for a second by the distraction of the laughs from his owners, Piggy cannot control his excitement as he runs back and forth, jumping up and down each time he reaches the mirror. He even tries to move the mirror to see the dog on the other side, but seems confused when there is nothing behind it except for a large box. The funniest and most interesting part of the video is that Piggy stays captivated by the reflection and never loses attention. Typically in a situation like this, the dog will get excited first, but then give a “sniff test” to the image in the mirror. When the reflection doesn’t pass the sniff test, the dog will usually ignore it for good. So why is Piggy so excited? To be honest, I really don’t know, but I definitely love the humor found in his excitement. Just like Piggy’s reaction to his reflection in the mirror, watching this video is captivating and fun all at the same time.


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