Meet Puka and Rocket Larry, The Unlikely Dog-Tortoise Duo


Puka and Rocket Larry are two of the cutest pets on earth.  The dog and tortoise pair have really lite-up the internet recently.  But how did these animals from different species become best friends?  It all started when Christine Hilberg, a photographer decided to rescue Puka, a mixed breed dog from a homeless man.  She noticed that the dog had a cleft lip and was concerned for the canine’s safety.  After talking to the man, she was able to get him to give her the dog.  She took the puppy home and got her the medical attention she needed.  Luckily the cleft lip was not causing the puppy any pain and no surgery was needed.  She is able to eat normally and it is just a cosmetic issue.

Rocket Larry came into the family when Christine noticed an ad listed on Craigslist.  The small tortoise was also in need of being rescued.  Larry was living inside of the home of a reptile hoarder and needed to be given a proper home.  These two young animals started sharing the same roof and something amazing happened.  The duo have grown a lot since those first days of being housemates and they have grown together.  Both Rocket Larry Puka seem to have a bond with one another, that is not normally seen in these two different animals.  They simply love hanging around together, as you can see in the pictures.

puka 2

Being able to grow up together has likely caused these two animals to bond with one another.  They spend everyday together and even though they don’t eat the same things, they often share meals with one another.  Now the pair have been featured on Instagram and tons of photos of these guys are all over the internet.  While these photo are really cute, they also are being used for a really great cause.  These two best friends are helping to promote animal adoption.  When people see just how amazing and beautiful these rescue animals are, they are more likely to choose adoption over buying their new pet.  These two friends seem to love sharing the spotlight together, helping other animals out at the same time.

Images via Instagram 

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