Meet Rocko, The Handsome and Adorable Singing Pitbull

You may have heard of Pitbull the singer, but have you ever heard of an actual singing pitbull – as in the dog breed? Pitbulls are often seen as frightening and violent canines, but not all of them are as such. In fact, many of them can be really friendly folks – even family friendly! They are highly affectionate toward people, along with strangers and kids. A pitbull dog is a loving and gentle one, making for a great companion for children. They are also confident little creatures that are often never anxious and instead are usually seen as cool, collected and calm in demeanor. They weigh about 30 to 85 pounds and their life span ranges from 12 to 16 years. While they enjoy people and their love they emit, it can be an issue of good choice if you don’t tread lightly. In a viral video going around, one dog shows off his singing pipes.

In the video below, a black pitbull named Rocko and its harmonica wielding pal are seen making very good music together. The gentleman with the harmonica seems to be playing it quite passionately, while the dog wants to bring his own flair and flavor to it. While the man plays his instrument, the pitbull wails along with the sound, making for some interesting music. The dog doesn’t even have to hold all of those notes, never mind that I had usually never gotten any yet. Rocko is wildly determined when it is a sale and wants his voice to be heard!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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