Meet the Most Adorable Dog with Braces

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It’s not every day you come across a dog with a metal mouth, but today seems to be your lucky day. Having never needed braces growing up, I don’t personally understand all the braces horror stories. I know that some kids are picked on and called names, I know there are certain foods that are just impossible to consume, and I know there are countless trips to the dentist and other issues that require kids to live their lives with a hint of annoyance following them around on a regular basis. I also know that no one really enjoys having braces; nor do dogs typically have braces. However, Wesley has braces. This darling little dog is the baby of a veterinary specialist who knew that he needed to do something when his dog’s baby teeth fell out and his new ones came in all wrong.

The dog wasn’t just the recipient of a crooked smile, either. His teeth were growing in so badly that he could no longer close his mouth all the way; and that made eating a huge problem for this dog. What his father did next was give him braces. Not only will a few weeks with doggie braces make his teeth much easier to work with and much easier to deal with in terms of being able to function, it will make his smile much nicer. So far, Wesley seems to be enjoying his braces and his smile is already improving. He can eat again, close his mouth again and he is finally able to put on the weight he’d been losing.   

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