Meet the Family Pit Bull Who Rescued Dogs From Dog Fighting


A family pit bull named Chance helped save the lives of two other dogs that were forced to fight.  According to the dog’s pet parents, Hope and Shawn Starry, their beloved pup started barking late at night on May 13.  The couple who were awakened by the animal’s barking knew that something going on wasn’t right.  Shawn came downstairs to investigate but didn’t find any intruders.  So he decided to look out the window in their kitchen to check for possible reasons that could have made Chance bark.  From the window he saw a few guys forcing two dogs to fight in the alley close to his yard.  Horrified from what he saw, Shawn immediately called Freeport, Illinois Police Department for help.  Authorities responded quickly and got to the scene in just a short period of time.

While the cops are busy trying to break up the dogs, the suspects flee the scene including Cahill Brown, who is in charge of the dog fight.  Deputy Chief Jeff Mastroianni stated that even though the dog’s owner were responsible for calling 911, Chance deserves the credit for his heroic actions that alerted them about the dog fight which lead to an arrest of the suspect.  In an interview with WIFR News Mastroianni said, “If anybody deserves a medal it’s Chance, because he’s given two other dogs their life back and he’s taken a bite out crime.”  The Starry’s considers their pooch a hero as well.  “It felt like to us that he was giving those two other pit-bulls a chance at a normal life,” Shawn told WIFR News.

According to Mastroianni, the two dogs that were forced to fight were taken to Freeport Animal Hospital for a checkup.  The case is under investigation and until then the pups will remain under the custody of animal control.  We hope that once the investigation is done, both dogs will be available for adoption.  As for Chance, we bet he is getting more love and attention from his pet parents.  This adorable and smart pup deserves a medal.  It’s always wonderful to hear stories like this.  It’s a living proof that dogs are truly man’s best friend.

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