Michael Vick’s Rescued Fighting Dogs Meet Again Years Later and It’s Amazing

Dog party

Many of you probably remember when Michael Vick was arrested for dog fighting and 22 dogs were rescued from his property. This tragic story seemed to shock many people.  Today we are going to see a reunion that brings these dogs back together after so many years apart.  The rescue group that assisted in finding homes for these dogs held a reunion party and six of the former fighting dogs were brought back to the group. As you will watch the dogs react to one another, you will see that these canines have come a long way from where they were several years ago.  No longer do they hide when the see people or other dogs.  They seem very cheerful and full of life.

Seeing these dogs back together for the first time in many years was a real treat.  These pooches seemed really happy to see one another and they loved socializing with one another.  The owners of these six dogs kept in contact with each other over the years and finally they all have a chance to meet in person.  As you can see, these dogs have been well taken care of and they seem to have adapted well to normal life.  But as one owner will tell you, it took a really long time to get his new pet use to being around other people and dogs. After suffering from years of abuse, these dogs have had a long road to recovery.

This was a social event that not only brought together the dogs, but the owners as well.  They all share a bond with one another that will surely last a lifetime.  While they might not get the chance to be around each other on daily or even weekly bases, they all keep in touch and send each other emails.  This is great for both the dogs and the people and sticking together have helped many of them cope.  This was a beautiful event to watch unfold and you can tell that both the dogs and their owners are very glad that this special moment happened.

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