Why You Should Microchip Your Dog

I know for a little while, people were cautious whether or not to microchip their dogs. What we mean by that is having the small beacon (no larger than a grain of rice) implanted within the skin of the dog so if it is ever lost or hurt, they can easily locate where it belongs. I think enough time has passed to prove that the actual implant is not only safe, but making a world of difference to families who lose their pets. Seriously people, you need to microchip your dog if you haven’t already.

There are world famous dog advocates who say the same thing, so don’t scoff at us. We speak in unity with all other dog lovers who know that when you microchip your dog, you are pretty much ensuring that you will never lose the dog. We have written up countless cases of countless examples of micro chipped dogs being returned after days or weeks or years. Sometimes, somehow, they are even whole states away, and the chip still makes it so they can get the dog home. It is also amazing considering how inexpensive it is to get done. We are not talking about a procedure that will cost millions. We are simply talking about paying a small fee to make it so you really don’t ever have to worry.

Like we have said, the long term tests have been done, and they have proven there are NO negative sides to this debate, so why even fall on the other side of it at all. Microchip your dog. It is better for the dog, better for your family, and just overall a better idea than just leaving life to chance.

(Photo by Rosie Greenway/Getty Images)

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