You Might Consider a Wet-Vac for Cleaning up Dog Messes

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Sometimes, the simplest answers are often right in front of your nose. We see our dogs make a mess in the house (as in use the bathroom), and we get rags and brushes and disinfectant, and then we work that mess away, like animals ourselves. But what if there was an easier option? What if there was a way to clean the mess without breaking your own back? Have you ever considered a wet-vac for the messes your dog may leave behind?

We know what you must be thinking first. Ew! Okay, get that out of your system. But think about it for a second. A wet-vac is used for what? Wet messes. In that thought alone, you realize that it is much more effective than crawling on your hands and knees and scrubbing. But what about the urine and scent of urine? That is easy. After you clean up the wet mess, you simply vac up some cleaner. Something that will sanitize and clean what you just cleaned. It may sound simple, because it really is. We had never even considered it our self until someone in the office mentioned it is the only way to go, and it slowly caught on.

At this point, we realized we are all doing it, so why don’t we tell our readers to, as well? Granted, we know some wet-vacs can be expensive. But this was more the news for someone who already had one and never realized its full potential when it came to mess cleaning.¬†You can thank us later.

(Photo by Irish Government – Pool/Getty Images)

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