The Miniature Boxer: Often Not A PureBred Animal

Mini Boxer

There are all sorts of small dog breeds in the world, but many of them are simply not recognized as a standard breed.  Often times, these small micro-sized animals are a cross between two different dog breeds.  This can certainly be the case when it co mes to the Miniature Boxer.

These very attractive smaller versions of the purebred strain are often crossed with a Boston terrier to achieve such a tiny size.  But there are some cases where these dogs are pure in breed.  When this happens genes come into play and make the dogs smaller.  But many breeders have a very hard time achieving this goal and often resort to hybrid breeding practices.  While these dogs are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club they will never be nationally recognized as their own breed.

When it comes to temperament these dogs are very outgoing in nature.  Very friendly dogs, they often socialize with other animals without any behavioral issues.  But remember each dog is different, so keep that in mind when bringing any new pet into the home.  They can be strong willed at times and this could cause some headaches between the new owner and the dog.  The trick to having a well-rounded Miniature Boxer is to make sure to start obedience training early to work out any behavior problems.  These are high energy little pooches. So if you plan to add one to your family, make sure you have the time to walk them each and every day.

These dogs can make excellent family pets even in homes with children.  But they must be properly socialized just like any other dog that you may have as an inside pet.  They are very bold animals and make great little watch dogs which is always a plus.  This will help keep your family safe and you won’t have to worry about anyone sneaking up onto your property with one of these little guys running around.  They are also very intelligent pets that will learn very quickly.  This is great when it comes to house breaking.  You won’t have too many spots on the carpet because they will quickly learn that outside is the only place they should be going to the restroom.

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