This Miniature Shar Pei Really Loves Her Human Sibling!

Cute pair

When babies and dogs bound, it really is a special moment.  It’s almost like they have some magical connection to each other.  Watching this happen is truly amazing and a gift.  Luckily for us, one mother has decided to share her own baby and dog bounding moment with the world. I was very pleased that she did.

As you will see in the video, there is a very cute baby and an adorable Miniature Shar Pei playing on the floor. The pair really seems to get along well and the dog carefully plays with the tiny little baby.  It seems that the baby has not yet learned to walk, but can crawl really well.

The dog is on a leash and the child is trying to lead the dog around.  This is very funny to watch and the dog seems to be enjoying all of the attention, that the child is showing it.  As the video progresses the pair roams around the room and the dog often can be seen giving the child some love.  I am sure that the pair will grow up together and become the best of friends.

This is truly an amazing moment in this child’s life and it’s a good thing that her mom got it on film.  Now she has something to keep for memories and can show the video to the child when she grows up.  These special moments seem to go by so fast and catching them on video is a great way to remember them.

Some parents might be a bit hesitant to allow their young child around the dog.  But I am sure that this mother is watching very closely.  The pup seems to be a very calm animal and some dogs simply love being around children.  But as always, each dog is different.  So if you want to recreate this moment with your own child, make sure that your pet plays nice.

If you want to see a very special moment captured on film, you should check out this video.  It will truly warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

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