Misbehaving Dog Begs for Forgiveness

bad dog

I’m not sure how other households work, but we have a simple rule in ours as coined by my very sweet husband. Happy wife, happy life. He’s right. When mama is happy, everyone is happy. For that reason, we all know that we have to keep me happy. That means listening when I ask you to do something, being respectful at all times and always having fun. When I am happy, we are all happy. When I am not happy, though; it’s a different story. To be perfectly clear, when I’m not happy it’s usually because someone in my house made me unhappy. Someone did something wrong. We don’t have a dog but if we did, I bet I’d be upset with the dog from time to time.

When my kids do something wrong, they are usually very quick to apologize to me in a way that makes me feel like I want to smile. Sometimes I fight back my smile and make sure they know I mean business. However, if my kids got down on the ground like this big, adorable dog, I’d have a difficult time suppressing my smile and forgiving them on the spot. This dog is what I like to call too adorable. He’s done something wrong, and he knows it. His human mom knows it, too, and he is working overtime to ensure that she is going to forgive him and let it slide. We know she’s upset, but we can’t help but hope she forgives him.

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