Missing Boy Found and Protected by Dog


We talk about how upsetting it must be for someone when their dog goes missing, but we cannot even fathom having a missing child. But that is just what happened to the Urness family of North Dakota when their three year old son Carson went missing. Everyone was frantic, and a massive search was held. The best part of the story is, of course, they found the missing boy. Well, the second best part of the story is how they found the missing boy.

After hours of searching, they were almost ready to call it a day when one of the people searching saw Cooper, the family dog, trying to get the rescuers attention. They went over and wouldn’t you know, Cooper had not only found the missing boy, but had been laying on top of him to keep him warm (and dry, as it was raining). There is a good chance that, without the help of Copper the dog, they might not have found Carson at all.

The simple fact that Cooper was standing over the boy and then laying on him to keep him warm says it all. Cooper and Carson had grown up together, and Cooper sure wasn’t gonna let anything happen to his best friend and brother. The loyalty of a dog is something all humans could learn and benefit from. They are there when we need them most, and the story of Cooper and Carson prove this.

(Photo via WDAY TV)

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