Mom Drops to the Floor When Her Disabled Dog Does This in Front of the Camera


A beautiful dog, whose name is Sammi underwent spinal surgery.  But unfortunately the canine was left paralyzed from the procedure.  The dog was then placed in rehab, in hopes that he would once again be able to walk.  The pooch spent three entire months in rehab and the results are simply amazing.  In the video you will see the dog’s owner, seeing Sammi walk again for the very first time.  The staff at the rehab center called the owner in and what happens next will shock you.  The owner of the dog comes walking into the center not knowing what to expect.  As she walks inside, Sammi comes running up to her waging his tail.

The owner of the dog simply can’t believe what she is seeing and falls to the floor.  The woman gives the dog a huge hug and you can tell that she is in shock.  Sammi gives his owner some love and everyone in the room is very happy.  This is a very heart warming event and it was all captured on video.  The owner asks the staff about the recovery and they tell her that he can now run around with ease.  In fact, the staff told her they can’t get her to even lay down.  Sammi is super happy to have he mobility back and you can tell that he is very thankful.  As the dog runs around the room you can tell that he is full of energy.

This pet mom is really thankful that the team of specialist were able to help her dog walk again.  She is brought to tears by this reunion and will be happy to finally be able to take her dog back home with her.  This amazing story has a very happy ending!  Many dogs are not as lucky as Sammi and never regain their ability to walk.  This amazing come back has been shared around the world and many people have liked the video.  If you would like to check it out for yourself, you can find it located below.  Make sure to spread the love and share it as well.

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