Monstrous St. Bernard Smothers Owner With Hugs and Kisses

st. bernard

Dogs love and miss their humans so much when they’re not at home, no matter how long they’ve been gone for. It could be a few minutes, an hour or it could even be a few hours or more and it would be all the same to the dog. They just wish you’d be right home right now – and now is a bit relative when it comes to the concept of time for dogs. St. Bernard dogs tend to grow into pretty sizable canines, with incredible height and weight, nearly reaching to almost 200 pounds. They are gentle giants who may be quite the large creatures but they are some of the sweetest dog breeds, after all, they are not aggressive dogs. St. Bernards are overall good-natured, versatile creatures who are easy going and especially patient with children and is a much-loved breed today. In a viral video going around, people can see a large but sweet St. Bernard not letting his dad escape from his big dog embrace.

In the video below, Sully the St. Bernard is seen laying on top of its owner, giving him a full on body hug on the bed. No matter how much the owner tries to get up and move out of Sully’s grasp, the big dog doesn’t let his human go, snuggling him even more. When the owner attempts to sit up, the big dog puts its big paws on the man’s chest. Even after the owner gives the dog a nice cuddle and a big squeeze, it seems like the big dog isn’t satisfied with his loving and wants it to continue on. At one point, the canine starts to furiously lick his owner’s face, who can barely contain themselves and can’t stop giggling. It’s incredibly endearing at how much people can be fans of some like you.

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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