How Much Water Should Your Dog Be Getting A Day?

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It is a simple enough question, and those are the ones we often forget to answer. How much water should your dog be getting a day? As simple as it may seem to ask, the question has many more aspects that need to be worked in to the equation. The answers vary greatly depending on what kind of dog, how much exercise it is getting, how much does it weigh, and what is the climate and temperature where they are. In essence, there is no universal answer, but we came up with a solution none-the-less.

First off, if you think your dog is not getting enough water, that is your fault. You have either limited how much the dog can have (leaving one bowl full of water when you are going to be gone at work for 8 hours is just not okay). There are more and more bottomless water dishes for dogs (that hook up to gallons or other water supplies) and it is worth looking in to that to ensure Fido is staying hydrated. But, like we said, we have a solution. The way to look at it is this:

Eight to sixteen ounces of water, per ten pounds of weight the dog has, per day.

Again, we need to reiterate, there are many other factors that determine if the dog needs more or less water. Remember, anytime they are in hot weather, or are vigorously exercising, it is very smart to make sure they are getting extra liquid. Generally, just make sure the dog has a place where it can get water whenever it needs it. Again, when dogs do not get enough water, that is not a dog error. That ends up always being a human error.

We love dogs, so we are here to prevent that.

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