Muddy Husky Malamute Mix Tries to Talk Her Way out of Trouble


Most of us dog lovers can attest that canines are some of the most interesting creatures. Full of soul and kindness and a little mischief sometimes, dogs can be some of the sweetest and most expressive beings. We often wish that they can speak to us in a language we understand, or at least we wish that we could understand what exactly they are trying to say by the sounds they make. While we can usually sort of understand what they are trying to indicate (i.e. hungry, thirst, needing to go do their business, wanting your attention, etc.), it’s really not much of a substitute for knowing what exactly they want to tell you. For example, my dog will often whimper and cry because he wants attention from me and something may be wrong. A few times, he’ll whimper and cry out of nowhere and I think he just wants attention, but then it turns out that he wants to be let outside so he can do his business in the yard and not inside the house. It’s times like those where I wish he could speak English! In a viral video, a female Husky Malamute mix tries to do something similar to what my dog does when she gets in trouble with her uman.

In the video below, you can see the muddy Husky Malamute answering her owner when the owner is interrogating her about her whereabouts and actions. The canine answers back as best it can, trying to talk its way out of trouble. It all started because the dog was digging in their yard after the yard flooded because of the floods their town had been receiving and the ground was also very soft. The dog is seen trying to talk her way out of trouble when her owner is asking her about her digging and why her paws are so muddy. It’s funny to realize that the dog probably doesn’t know exactly why it is in trouble, but has an idea and tries to convey her side of the story as best she could. Oh, dogs!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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