Mutant Spider Dog Tops Youtube Trending in 2014

Mutant Spider Dog

Remember back in September when everyone and their mother were searching the term “mutant spider dog?”  Some people thought it was actually true.  Some people knew it was a gag.  But in reality this was a short horror film that was directed by an individual from Poland.

What you may not know about this movie is that it’s raked in over 113  Million views since its release.  That makes it the top trending video on Youtube in all of 2014.  In case you’re wondering what video had the most views, it’s Katie Perry’s Dark Horse video which got over 700 million views.

In any event, we couldn’t be happier that a video involving a dog made the list.  Granted it’s pretty scary and one weird looking animal combination.  Still though, the dog world will take it!  Enjoy the video below.

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