Nanny Claims Employer Tried to Feed her Dog Food


In what may be the strangest story we have ever reported on, a Nanny who was recently fired from her job but refused to move without certain conditions being met is now saying that the family she was staying with were doing such extreme things to get her out, that at one point, they tried to feed her dog food. While we will admit, that is abusive and mean, being a Nanny who wont move out after you’ve been fired is kinda weird, too. So I am not really sure who is weirder in this story.

Also, it is not like they put some dog food under some real meat and gravy and tried to trick her or anything. Rumor is the parents just had the kids leave three cans of dog food outside her room in case she got hungry. Well, when we put it like this, this sounds even more insane. The truth is, it is insane.  The Nanny simply stated she wanted the couple gone and a police officer present the day she moved out so it could be confirmed she took only her stuff without getting harassed by them. Seems an easy request, actually.

I guess the more we look at it, the family who offered up dog food to the Nanny are the bad guys here. Granted, Nanny does sound a little “Mrs Doubtfire”, so we are not fully sure this is not just Robin Williams punking us all. But either way, leave the dog food for the dogs, okay?

Image Via ABC

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