What You Need to Know about The English Cream Dachshund

English Cream Dachshund

When it comes to dog varieties the possibilities are endless.  While you have your standard breeds, you also have a sub set of canines that encompass all of the hybrid animal’s also known as designer dogs.  While these dogs can’t be referred to as purebred they are often prized over there AKC cousins.

The dog in this article falls in between both of those categories.  The English Cream Dachshund is one of the most prized of all breeds.  While they are still considered a standard breed, many breeders out there are trying to produce this very unique color pattern which makes these dogs in some people’s mind designer animals.

Many believe that these dogs are a certain breed of their own but this is simply not the case.  While their color is very unique and producing this color pattern can be difficult to reproduce. Time and time again they are still considered common Dachshunds.

But one has to admit these creamed colored dogs are very lovely to look at and are very appealing to the eye.  This is probably why so many people are seeking to purchase one of these animals, and why so many breeders are trying to produce them.

While it can’t be scientifically proven, some believe that these dogs have a better temperament than the rest of the breed.  Countless people who have either breed these dogs or own, one say that they are very sweet animals.  They are also known to be more calmer canines than any of these longhaired dogs.  So if you are thinking of getting a dog for the family, this one in particular just might be the right one for you.  Many people have bought these dogs just because they are great around kids.

Their coats are also much smoother than the rest of the breed and their coats have been compared to that of a bunny rabbit. This is just one more reason why so many people are seeking these dogs. Can you just imagine snuggling one of these very adorable little dogs?

So if you are looking for a pint sized dog that will bring lots of joy to your family with their loving personality, this is the dog for you.  But remember these dogs are in high demand so expect to pay just a little more when you are buying them.  While they are not considered rare they do sell out fast.

Image via Soggydan at flickr.com

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