Nevada Dog Torturer Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison

Nevada Dog Torturer

In July 2014, cleaning crew at a Super 8 motel in Nevada discovered a room filled with dead dogs; but also so much more than that. The room will filled with dogs that had been dismembered. There was the head of a dog in a bathtub, the heads of several chihuahuas in the room fridge, and the room was covered in blood and body parts. Registered to a 25-year-old by the name of Jason Brown, the room had not been cleaned for days. He would not allow cleaning staff in to do their job, and it’s obvious why not.

When the hotel staff entered the room and found it in this condition, they immediately called police. Brown was not in the room at the time, but he did see that there were people present, and he ran away. Thankfully, it did not take police long to realize where he was and arrest him. Brown attempted to tell police he had no idea that he’d done something like this. He claimed he lost his memory and that he had no control over his actions because he was clearly sick in some way.

However, those who know him state that he’d been bragging to them about killing the dog of a friend, and how it made him feel high so he had done it again and again. This monster was high on meth when he killed these animals, which he purchased from Craigslist. He was caught, and he recently found out what his sentence would be. A Nevada judge gave Jason Brown the absolute full sentence for each crime and each dog. He will now spend the next 28-years in prison, as he should. He filmed himself killing each of the dogs, and no one was willing to show him any leniency after watching these horrific videos.


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