New ASPCA Center Heals Abused Dogs Every Single Day


When the number of animal abuses cases in one city goes up from just over 100 to just over 400 in the course of just one year, it’s not a good thing. Unless, of course, you are in New York City where the brand new ASPCA has joined forces with the NYPD to better care for the animals in the city that are being abused, neglected and harmed. That’s exactly what happened. When the local ASPCA realized that their laws and practices were over 137-years-old, they decided it was time to do something new and more effective since they were just unable to save all the animals.

That’s when they joined forces with the men and women in blue, so that they are now able to help more animals. So when the number of abused and neglected animals rises that high, it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing because these additional cases are cases that would have, in the past, gone completely unnoticed and never would have been resolved. That was in one year. That number went up another 80% last year, too. Now more animals than ever before are being helped by the new ASPCA.

This rise in cases has also warranted some good news for the ASPCA; a newer and much larger facility that allows for more animals to be cared for. The new Gloria Gurney Canine Annex for Recovery and Enrichment is now open for business, and the selfless people of the ASPCA are now able to help more animals than ever  before, making them even bigger heroes. This story of two forces coming together for one common cause is a good one; it shows that men and women across the board want to save animals and make a difference, and that is a wonderful thing to do and a wonderful feeling to have.

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