New Site Will Pair you With a Walking Buddy Shelter Dog

Walking pals

Good news to all dog lovers out there!  A new website called “Walkzee” is going to help you in finding a walking buddy, which is a shelter dog. Walking our dogs is part of our everyday routine.  But this simple routine is something that shelter dogs don’t get to do and enjoy everyday.  The founders of “Walkzee” are newlywed Charlie and Christina Saunders realized the essence of taking a shelter dog for an outing or a walk when they came across a one of a kind program run by the Humane Society in Kauai.

The couple, who happened to be big dog lovers, decided to go inside the shelter and there they learned about a wonderful field trip program that the organization runs.  On that day, a pooch named Big Z was taken out by the Saunders for a day full of fun.  Their day out with Big Z became the highlight of their honeymoon trip.  It also became their inspiration to start “Walkzee”, a new organization that will help connect animal lovers that are looking for a walking buddy to shelter dogs free of charge.

Charlie and Christina started working on their organization plan on their flight back to San Jose, California.  Once home, the couple launched a Kickstarter campaign for “Support the underdog swag up for grabs” early in February 2015.  As the campaign ended early this month, Walkzee earned a total of $28, 999 from all donations made by 494 backers.  The projects goal was successfully reached and surpassed.

Walkzee’s goal is to get connected with shelters throughout the world but their main focus is in the United States.  The Saunders are hoping that the platform that includes the website and the app are going to be ready in June, which Charlie describes as “perfect dog walking time of the year.”

The couple is hoping that “Walkzee” will help lots of shelter dogs and animal lovers to have a wonderful and beneficial experience during their walks.  Just imagine how shelter dogs will love the opportunity to go out, exercise, socialize and get some fresh air.  It will also increase the dogs’ chances to find a new home.  The animal lover (walking volunteer) will sure get lots of love from their walking buddy.

I applaud Charlie and Christina Saunders for their hard work and dedication to help shelter dogs and dog lovers get connected.  I wish their new website success.

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