New York Politician Uses and Throws Away A Pit Bull For Campaign

I need to warn you, this story is going to make you mad. As many of you know, the Pit Bull issue is a hot button topic for many dog lovers. A great many of us think that these dogs get a really bad rap that don’t deserve. So when someone perpetuates that by doing some evil, we feel the need to at least let our reader base know. New York politician John Mancuso adopted a Pit Bull to use in his campaign (to appeal to that demographic). Thing is, guess what happened when he lost?

When Mancuso adopted the Pit Bull, Tiger, he was also working on his platform to reform the animal shelter system in New York. It was a big part of his platform for running. Seeing him adopt an adorable, young Pit Bull was sweet. But then when we find out he lost and the election, and put the Pit Bull right back into the same shelter. A shelter he was trying to shut down in the first place. Claiming they were inhumane in their treatment of animals. Yet he plops Tiger right back into it, thinking no one would notice. Well guess what?

Someone did.

The best part is, it shows John Mancuso’s true colors to the world. He was using animal reform as a platform to win votes, but couldn’t clearly care less about animals and dogs in real life.

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)


  1. Gloria Pontzius September 10, 2015
  2. Joyce Weber January 2, 2016

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