New Yorkers Now Have a Great New Way To Help Shelter Pets Find Homes

dog upu for adoption

New Yorker’s have a great deal of love for their animals. Think about it; it takes a person who really does love an animal to want to keep one in what is probably a very small apartment and make the effort to walk their dog probably pretty far to find a park or area in which the animal can run free in the midst of a very busy schedule. The conditions for dogs in New York City might not always be the best ones in all cases, but that doesn’t change the fact that these are people who love their animals in a way that is very impressive.

Now New Yorkers have a chance to do something even more remarkable and more exciting; they have the chance to do something they’ve never been able to do before. They can take part in something called the Adoption Ambassador program. What this means is that they have the opportunity to keep animals in their own homes much like fosters in other states have the chance to do, but they get to do a little bit more. When fostering an animal, these NYC residents are not just responsible for the care of the cat or dog until someone comes in to adopt that animal. They are responsible for the cat or the dog from that point on, and they get to choose the people with whom they believe their animal should live.

That’s right; the Adoption Ambassador program allows residents to be in full control of the fate of the animals they love to foster from start to finish, and it’s a great program that allows foster homes to make good decisions, place dogs with people they’ve seen with the dog, and it allows them to feel good about where their ‘pets’ are going.

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