Newfoundland Puppy Thinks His Water Bowl is A Pool


Having never owned a Newfoundland myself, I don’t know much about them. I know that they are big dogs that are a lot of fun, and that you have to train them properly – like all dogs – if you want them to behave, obey you and not make too much of a mess. More than anything, though, I know that they are quite large dogs. They are actually pretty huge, and that can be intimidating for anyone who does not know your dog when they first approach it. I know I wouldn’t come to your door if you had a Newfie standing there. I also know that Newfoundland puppies are not overly large at first; they look like any other puppy all small and adorable. However, they grow fast.

That’s what Dethan’s family realized when they brought their new Newfoundland home. He might be small now, but that moment is fleeting and he is a dog that will grow very quickly very suddenly. He’s already significantly bigger than when they got him not too long ago. What that means for the sweet pup is that he needed a bigger water bowl recently. When his humans introduced him to his bigger water bowl, he thought it was something else. He thought it was a personal swimming pool made just for him. It’s not, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to get inside the bowl and do some swimming. Take a look at this hilarious video to see Dethan as he is enjoying some swim time in his water bowl.

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