No Need for a Toothbrush with Greenies Dental Chews

Humans aren’t the only ones who need regular dental care and teeth brushing. Your dog has teeth, too, and his teeth are just as capable of building up plaque and developing tooth decay, bad breath, along with gum disease and other oral problems. The problem is, dogs aren’t able to tell you when they have dental problems and if something in their mouth is bothering them. The only way you might know if something is developing in your dog’s mouth is if they exhibit symptoms that might let you know there is a problem.

Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums clean is an essential part of their healthcare. If you don’t take care of their dental needs, they can develop, not only dental and oral problems, but it can eventually lead to more serious conditions, such as medical problems that can be dangerous.

Veterinarians have been recommend brushing your dog’s teeth for years now, and have actually developed specially designed toothbrushes for canine tooth care, however, not all dogs are as easy going to having their teeth brushed as others. While some are agreeable, others can put up a real fight and be a challenge to get through a tooth brushing session. That is why Greenies Dental Chews were made, for any and all dogs and their dental care. These are an easier alternative to tooth brushing for dogs. So what exactly are Greenies Dental Chews?

Greenies Dental Chews are treats that work with a similar mechanical action of a tooth brush when they chew on them. While your dog chews on his treat, and enjoying himself, the Greenie treat is busy scraping the surface of the tooth to help brush away plaque and tartar that accumulates on the teeth. They work all the way up to the gum line because they are flexible and bend as your dog chews on them, molding to every part of the surface of the teeth.

These are all-natural and easy to digest. They’re easy to chew and your dog will enjoy the flavor and texture of the treats, which means that they will not fight you on taking the treat and using it to their benefit. The treats work great for tooth cleaning and when used on a regular basis, will not only leave your dog’s teeth and gums healthier, but you will notice that they have a lot better breath, something that many dog owners will tell you, is not a pleasant experience to deal with. Especially if you love those doggie kisses.

If you get tired of fighting with your dog to get him to be good and allow you to hold his mouth open so that you can scrub his teeth with a tooth brush that may, or may not be doing a very thorough job, or if you have a tendency to forget to do oral care as often as you should be, it is much easer to remember to hand him a treat and let his snack do all the dental and oral care for you.

Take a closer look at the Greenies Dental Chews and see if  you think that these would be a better option for your dog’s dental care.

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