NY Street and Owner are Thrown Into a Frenzy When a Pit Bull Attacks a Cat

pitbull attack

Warning, the video below this article is very graphic.  During this short but very unnerving video, you will witness a Pitbull attacking a cat that is walking down the street in a New York neighborhood.  The feline, who appears to be a neighbor cat, is locked in a life or death struggle with the more powerful canine.  While we don’t get to see how it all started, the video starts when the cat is already in the dog’s mouth.  It appears that one of the cat’s legs is being held by the powerful jaws of the dog.  Many people that are walking by stop to try and help the cat break free.

As the group of people holds onto the dog, a few more try to force its mouth open.  The owner of the dog is holding onto the leash, but she is simply not strong enough to control her animal.  One man, who was quick thinking, tries to calm everyone down and he is trying to use something to open the dog’s mouth.  One man thinks that kicking the dog is the right thing to do, but the man that is in control stops him.  This only lasts a few minutes, but when you watch the video it feels like hours.

The cat struggles to get away from the dog, but the people are having a hard time getting the cats leg out of its mouth.  This is a very high-tense situation and it looks like the cat is going to lose his leg.  But the man who was working on the dog’s mouth finally gets the canine to let the cat go and the cat runs away.  The cat runs down the side walk and a man follows to check out the cat.  While it’s not clear how badly the cat’s leg is injured, the feline seems to be ok.  Some people will probably say that this is just another example of Pitbull aggression.  But the ultimate person to blame for this incident is the owner.  If she knew her dog was aggressive towards cats, then she should have never brought the dog out in public.  It appears that this dog was simply too strong for her to control and if she can’t control her pet, then she doesn’t need to have a dog of this size.  Please comment below your thoughts about this shocking video.

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