NYPD Dog Helps Collar Man who Assaulted Transit Cop

His name is Diesel and with a name like that you knew that this German Shepherd was destined for greatness. Practically since birth Diesel has been trained to sniff out the bad guys. Currently Diesel is a member of the transit bureau’s canine unit in New York City. Police are thanking the dog for helping stop an accused fair jumper who they say not only tried to skip out on a fare but also knocked out a transit cop.

Diesel’s handler Edward Ramirez got the call for help. Ramirez says that the suspect removed articles of clothing and Diesel was able to pick up on his scent. The dog followed the smell outside the subway station on 14th street in Chelsea and eventually tracked down the suspect on 16th street three quarters of a way down the block.

Diesel’s sense of smell led him to a hotel where the suspect was hiding under a bed in one of the rooms. What made this arrest so amazing is that most dogs are trained to smell on soft surfaces. Diesel was still able to smell despite having to do it on the concrete of New York City. Nicely done!

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